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Reviews of 585 Rockin Burger Bar

Remy D's review

Usually, I like to pick and choose my plate experience. Alternating between Mac and fry and burger, periodically cleansing the palate with bread, you know, choosing my own plateventure. The breading ofcourse was phenomenal, but the onions were kept in longer, thicker cuts to buttress the internal structure--an architectural necessity you see, so I don't fault them for that. Same goes for the homogeneity of the plate internals, rising to the challenge of delivering a spherical plate requires some compromises be made in the name of science. The overall taste and delivery is a must try, but be warned, the ball is *massive* If you're planning on going solo, it may get a bit monotonous. For the faint of heart, perhaps the smaller variety would be for you, though most of the hardcore fans reading here would likely opt for the real McCoy ;) I'd give it a solid 9.5/10, with the extra bonus .5 point for the breading. Their meat sauce had that familiar sweet aroma you'd expect from a proper Nick's or Mark's plate, so they really nailed that quintessential element that can easily be botched. My test for how well made a plate is, is how long I can eat it before I go for the ketchup. This one made it nearly to the end before I needed to add anything. Would plate again 💯
December 16, 2016 | Read full review »