Review of Horizons at the Lodge at Woodcliff

Submitted on December 18, 2012 by fuhry

Overall rating:
Did you feel that you were going to get shot (0), or were you in the safe part of town (5)?
Size of group:
Some locations have difficulty with large groups; others handle them fine.
Massive group (31-60)
Comments on the environment: This was a planned event, so they knew exactly how many were coming a week or so ahead of time.
Service quality:
Response time:
How long did it take to get your food?
How "classy" was your plate?
Portion size: I left hungry
Meat selection:
What kind of meat did you have on your plate?
Rate the meat:
Comment on the meat: Elk burger patty. Very lean, cooked a bit too well for my tastes. Small.
Fries: Homefries
Second base ingredient: Mac salad
Rate the base ingredients:
Comments on base ingredients: Home fries weren't quite up to par, but the mac salad was well put-together.
Did you get hot sauce? Yes
Rate the hot sauce:
Comments on hot sauce: Fairly typical hot sauce.
French bread included? Yes
Comments: Good food, bad portioning.

Price is about what you should expect for a venue like this.

I answered "yes" to "French bread included" because, while French bread was not served with the plate itself, some pretty good dinner rolls were passed around with the salad before the main course came out.