Review of Sticky Lips BBQ

Submitted on May 4, 2014 by Chase

Overall rating:
Did you feel that you were going to get shot (0), or were you in the safe part of town (5)?
Size of group:
Some locations have difficulty with large groups; others handle them fine.
Full car (5-6)
Comments on the environment: Nice building with decent decor
Service quality:
Response time:
How long did it take to get your food?
How "classy" was your plate?
Portion size: Kinda small
Meat selection:
What kind of meat did you have on your plate?
Rate the meat:
Comment on the meat: Only 1 burger
Fries: French fries (straight)
Second base ingredient: None
Rate the base ingredients:
Comments on base ingredients: Fries were crappy and not a lot of them
Did you get hot sauce? Yes
Rate the hot sauce:
Comments on hot sauce: Meat Sauce had little flavor
French bread included? Yes
Comments: I asked for an all fry, hamburger plate with no onions or mustard. I got back a cheeseburger plate with onions. The fries were bland and there weren't a lot of them. The only redeeming part of the meal was the cornbread.