Review of MacGregor's Grill and Tap Room

Submitted on March 2, 2014 by fuhry

Overall rating:
Did you feel that you were going to get shot (0), or were you in the safe part of town (5)?
Size of group:
Some locations have difficulty with large groups; others handle them fine.
Epic bros (3-4)
Comments on the environment: Dimly lit bar, but festive and always active.
Service quality:
Response time:
How long did it take to get your food?
How "classy" was your plate?
Portion size: Couldn't finish it
Meat selection:
What kind of meat did you have on your plate?
Rate the meat:
Comment on the meat: Not a fan of a single thick patty but it was a great burger.
Fries: French fries (straight)
Second base ingredient: Mac salad
Rate the base ingredients:
Comments on base ingredients: Fries a tad undercooked.
Did you get hot sauce? Yes
Rate the hot sauce:
Comments on hot sauce: Didn't stand out, but was definitely good.
French bread included? No
Comments: A well-assembled plate reflective of the quality nature of the restaurant it is served in.

Unfortunately I'm not a fan of the single patty on a plate. It was a delicious burger, but I think for a plate, the thinner patties ala Mark's work best, because it allows for easier assembly of mouthfuls that include all three of fries, mac salad and burger. But I digress.

The mac salad seemed a little oily but was full of flavor. Fries were similarly impressive: well-seasoned steak fries if a tad on the undercooked side.

Hot sauce... I don't remember much. It was good. A little soupier which I like - it's supposed to be more than just ground beef. (I was a little inebriated from the Founder's Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale I had with the meal, or really before the meal because it took a while for the plate to get there. Since I had a very empty stomach, it hit pretty quickly.)

No French bread, so cleaning your plate (or "taking out the garbage") isn't possible.

Considering the quality of the ingredients I'd consider this plate a great value, though the portion is a bit big if you're going to MacGregor's for their amazing beer selection and hope to finish a pint or two alongside the plate. I probably could have finished it if I had not ordered a beer first.

Response time: It took a while (maybe 20-30 minutes) but they were pretty busy that night.

Served on a ceramic plate with proper silverware as you would expect from a sit-down restaurant.