Review of Wimpys Burger basket

Submitted on May 10, 2012 by Kyle

Overall rating:
Did you feel that you were going to get shot (0), or were you in the safe part of town (5)?
Size of group:
Some locations have difficulty with large groups; others handle them fine.
Full car (5-6)
Comments on the environment:
Service quality:
Response time:
How long did it take to get your food?
Portion size: Belt buster (finishing it took some work)
Meat selection:
What kind of meat did you have on your plate?
Rate the meat:
Comment on the meat: Never had a problem their
Fries: French fries (straight)
Second base ingredient: Mac salad
Rate the base ingredients:
Comments on base ingredients: Very good Mac salad
Did you get hot sauce? Yes
Rate the hot sauce:
Comments on hot sauce: A very nice not to spicy meat sauce
French bread included? Yes
Comments: Wimpys burger basket is a GREAT place for a plate. They have a great meat sauce as well as good mac salad. Unlimited fountain drinks if you eat inside as well as a magnitude of seasonings. The menu is also very vast so you can bring people who for some reason do not want or enjoy plates. My personal favorite is that they have the 3x2 and 4x2 plates which allow you to add more burger patties. Very filling but just as delicious. The only Con is the location, since it is right next to the middle and high school many teenagers are in there being loud in the evenings. Either way a very good option.